Phoenix DC trip planning starting for 2016

Phoenix Middle School teachers Jess Rima and Shaina Sepulveda are planning the 2016 class trip to Washington D.C.

Parents of interested students (current seventh graders) are encouraged to attend a planning meeting at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 2, in Ms. Rima’s room (184). For further information, contact Ms. Rima or Ms. Sepulveda by calling 728-2642 and Ext. 4262 or Ext. 4215, respectively.

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Wileman students make friends with Lakeland peers

Click pic for more images in our gallery.

Wileman Elementary School fifth graders got the holiday season kicked off the right way by spending time with their buddies from Lakeland School in Elkhorn. Lakeland is a school especially for children with disabilities.

The Wileman fifth graders visited Lakeland School to participate in the school’s Halloween UNICEF Carnival recently. Together, the students got to play games with their buddies and eat snacks!

On Thursday, Nov. 20, Lakeland Students traveled west to Delavan to spend time at Wileman with the fifth graders.

The students did various Thanksgiving-themed activities together, including making pumpkins of what they are thankful for and creating a fun turkey puzzle!

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Darien students’ work to decorate Capitol tree

Darien students were hard at work making snowflakes and ornaments for the State Capitol Building’s Christmas tree recently. Click pic for more photos in our gallery.

Darien Elementary School grade 5 teacher Amye Cawley and her students made Christmas ornaments for the State Capitol Christmas Tree.

“We received a letter in our mailbox inviting us to create ornaments that could be hung in the state capitol. I thought it would be a wonderful way to represent Darien Elementary as well as the Delavan- Darien School District,” Cawley said.

The class used clear ornaments and colored them on the inside using paint and glitter.

They shook them or rolled the paint to get the desired effect.

Students then tied ribbons to the top to complete the holiday ornament.

Cawley and fellow teacher Luke Kunzie’s worked together to create beaded snowflakes. They took six pipe cleaners and cut them in half for each snowflake. Students then selected and designed their own personal snowflake. It was a wonderful, festive and artistic afternoon!

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School Board Election Notice (April 2015)



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at an election to be held in the School District of Delavan-Darien on Tuesday, April 7, 2015, the following offices are to be elected to succeed the present incumbents listed. The term of office for a school board member is three years beginning on Monday, April 27, 2015.

  • City of Delavan – Three (3) Positions
  • To Succeed Present Incumbents – Roxann Kelton, Joe Peyer, Jeffery Scherer

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that a Campaign Registration Statement and a Declaration of Candidacy, must be filed no later than 5:00 p.m., on Tuesday, January 6, 2015, in the office of the school district clerk (324 Beloit St).

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN, that if a primary is necessary, the primary will be held on Tuesday, February 17, 2015.

A description of the school district boundaries can be obtained from the Walworth County Clerk.

Dated this 20th day of November 2014 in the City of Delavan.

James Hansen, District School Board Clerk

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Cooperation a focus of PE activities at Darien, Wileman

Fifth graders try out the “knot” activity and try to untangle the scarves. Click pic for more images in our gallery.

Kindergarten through fifth-grade at Darien Elementary and Wileman Elementary tried out new activities during physical education class this week.

These students participated in a cooperative games unit where they learned about and practiced cooperation skills needed when working as a team. They also practiced solving problems.

In the photo gallery above, some of the various activities:

  • Fifth graders did an activity called “knots.” While holding onto scarves, they needed to get themselves untangled.
  • Fourt graders worked in groups of five or six and tried to stay connected with each other while touching both ends of the gym.
  • Third graders tried to flip their “magic carpet” over without anyone in the team falling off.
  • Second graders worked in small groups to make shapes with a rope.
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Volleyball squad has successful cancer awareness campaign

Comet volleyball players sell pink wristbands and t-shirts to create awareness for breast cancer.

Comet volleyball players sell pink wristbands and t-shirts at a home football game to create awareness for breast cancer.

The month of October is traditionally known to honor Breast Cancer Awareness.

Many schools athletic programs honor this month by wearing pink and raising money to help find a cure for cancer. The Delavan-Darien High School volleyball program is no stranger to this tradition. The volleyball teams have sold t-shirts and held 50/50 raffles at their home meets in the past and gave all proceeds to cancer research. The athletes enjoy participating season after season but unfortunately this year they could not host a Dig Pink event.

Varsity Coach Jean Jacobs explained this season’s schedule did not allow for a home game the month of October. But, instead of bypassing their past efforts, the Comet volleyball teams paired up with the football players and hosted a PINK OUT together at a home football game.

The Comet Volleyball Squad donated $1,000 to the American Cancer Society after fundraising efforts this season.

The Comet Volleyball Squad donated $1,000 to the American Cancer Society after fundraising efforts this season.

Coach Jacobs said she was proud of her teams’ enthusiasm and extremely impressed with underclassmen Katelyn Rosenow and her teammates — mostly freshmen — who worked in between classes preparing pink ribbon pins, and creating signs to hang throughout the school. The posters gave eye-opening cancer statistics for both men and women.

On Oct. 3, Comet fans filled the stands wearing pink from head to toe. Comet football players ran out to the field wearing pink armbands and a special dedication was made to cancer fighters and survivors.

Delavan-Darien High School’s biology teacher and breast cancer survivor Kerry Butitta assisted in the opening coin toss, which added to the dynamic night.

“Despite the cold weather it was a night to remember and I was honored to be a part of it,” Jacobs said.

The volleyball team sold pink Comet wristbands and t-shirts to the school and community in memory of those fighting breast cancer. Their two-week effort paid off with a $1000 donation to the American Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society is the nationwide, community-based, voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer as a major health problem by preventing cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer, through research, education, advocacy, and service. The ACS is involved in the fight against breast cancer in many areas, and is currently funding many research projects being conducted by an elite group of scientists. Thanks to the ACS and dramatic improvements in cancer research, treatment and early detection, millions of women are surviving breast cancer today. For more information about the American Cancer Society and all the programs that they offer go to or call 1-800-227-2345.

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Phoenix Middle School First Quarter Honor Roll 2014-15

Lots of names on the Phoenix Middle School first quarter honor roll for the 2014-15 school year. Congratulations to all the students who made it!

1st Quarter High Honor Roll

6th Grade High Honor Roll

Gwendolyn Acheson, Ketzia Alvarez, Abigail Beles, Katie Bradley, Jessica Brandemuehl, Sophia Brandt Reinhart, Emily Cameron, Amir Castillo Cano, Michael Cobb, Christina Crawford, Zachery DeVoy, Xandria Dreksler, Hadyn Emmerich, Karen Escobar, Hailey Flores, Brisa Gamino, Logan Griffin, Dakota Hanson, Jayra Hernandez, Alejandro Hernandez Reyes, Rosalba Hernandez, Alizon Hernandez-Espinoza, Juliana Huerta, Emily Iniguez, Eri Jaramillo, Brianna Jasso, Molly Jedlicka, Caitlyn Karbash, Gracie Laue, Morgan Lock, Myles Lockhart, Justin Loewe, Charlie Lopez, Brianna Manriguez, Nayeli Mercado, Naitaly Napodano, Hannia Nevarez Martinez, Maria Oliveros, Kathryn Pehkonen, Alyssa Rakowski, Collette Riviere, Enrique Rizo, Adrien Romero, Allison Rosencrans, Ariana Ruiz, Francheska Sandoval, Anna Sorg, Perla Valadez, Rudolfo Villarreal, Avery Wilcheck, Breanna Yartey, Joshua Ziolkowski.

7th Grade High Honor Roll

Ivan Aranda, Alyssa Barany, Cody Bliss, Isaac Castillo Cano, Joseph Gonzales, Leah Hamell, Michelle Huerta, Maxwell Hummel, Kaitlyn Kraayeveld, Maira Leep Simental, Eric Li, Gabriela Montelongo, Kody Parks, Judith Perez, Pablo Perez, Jacob Prado, Heather Ream, Alyssa Sanders, Taiya Schroeder, Jesse Soto, Jordane Torres Raby.

8th Grade High Honor Roll

Benjamin Acheson, Sydney Anderson, Evelin Apreza, Amy Beals, Clayton Bores, Ashlyn Bradley, Jeremy Brown, Ian Bullock, Kaitlyn Cameron, Paulina Cruz, Tyler DuBois, Daysi Echeverria, Jordan Ensminger, Beatriz Garnica, Leroy Gloria, Eliberto Gomez-Rodriguez, Emily Graham, Melissa Hernandez, William Holmes, Yatzary Huerta, Jade Hultine, Mackenzie Janisch, Grace Kirkpatrick, Caitlynn Kirsch, Zachary Lodder, Morgan Loewe, Karina Lopez, Madison McKay, Arianna Mendiola, Jorja Moore, Alexis Nagy, Luis Perez, Sarahi Perez, Tori Rhone, Skyllar Riley, Katelynn Riviere, Monserrath Ruvalcaba, Brianna Salerno, Maelynn Schnurr, Sean Seitz, Ocatvio Serna Jr., Elizabeth Sirkman, Jaden Smith, Alejandro Valadez, Lindsay VanDeBogert, Raymond Wang, Anthony Wilson, Montserrat Zuniga.

1st Quarter Honor Roll

6th Grade Honor Roll

Stacy Alvarez, Paige Arnold, Savannah Block, Camrin Bosworth, Salma Cano, Heather Charter, Kiernan Christiansen, Devan Conrad, Erica Curbelo, Alyxandra Diaz, Jocelyn Duran, Davyn Elliott, Sylvia Elliott, Maria Fernandez, David Flores, Adrian Fonseca, Alyssa Fonseca, Daniel Geary Jr., Jousselin Gomez, Jared Greidanus, Emily Guerrero, Seth Helm, Mason Hennessey, Laura Hernandez, Cody Hudson, Jonathan Jaramillo, Johnathan Jones, Joshua Mick, Sebastian Miller, Jaxon Moore, Benjamin Petersen, Xochitl Prado, Jose Roman Cruz, Emma Roman, Faith Rothkopf, Jeffrey Scott, Marisol Soto, Mitchell Stahl, Miguel Torres Rodriguez, Sophia Valadez, Raul Villegas, Hayden Vogt, Hunter Warren, Shelby Wohlfiel, Mario Zarate.

7th Grade Honor Roll

Jasmine Arias, Krystena Banks, Brian Camposano, Alyssa Cardenas, Nina Colunga, Javier Cruz, Fantasia Czarnecki, Silvia De La Cruz, Fatima Dominguez, Edgar Escobar, Ronnell Fleming, Yovany Fonseca, Oscar Garcia, Payton Gordon, Lisette Hernandez, Oliver Hetzel, Brittney Huth, Monica Huth, Paige Johnson, Gabe Kennedy, Frederick Krablean, Kody Lebow, Mateo Morales, Roberto Moreno, Patricia Nova-Sanchez, Liliana Nunez, Mario Nunez, Lilliana Perry, Dakota Quarzenski, Yadira Rizo, Madeline Robertson, Moses Solis, Karina Torres, Yasmin Valadez, Stephanie Vaughn, Alexis Washington, Nika Weyrough.

8th Grade Honor Roll

Edward Aranda, Maribel Aranda, Sierra Banda, Litzy Barajas-Serna, Thomas-Charles Bauer, Celeste Beles, Shytayla Bickett, Cenya Cannon, Haziel Cano, Felipe Castaneda, Esmeralda Castaneda-Tapia, Sayrha Cruz-Arroyo, Samuel Diedrich, Melisa Doloir, Alexander Duran, Vanessa Flores, Paola Galvan, Hageo Gamez, Andres Garcia, Isabella Gatch, Pablo Guzman Martinez, Brayan Hernandez, Zachariah Holmes, Desiree Hutchison, Daniel Jaramillo, Nicholas Mathisen-Zihala, Kylin McHugh, Eric Medina, Calista Meyer, Litzy Nova Hernanadez, Ashley Nunez, Astrid Perez, Jesus Angel Perez, Jordy Perez, Yesenia Ramirez, Daniel Rangel-Hernandez, Caleb Reshkus, Hope Robinson, Ricardo Roman Jr., Brenda Sanchez, Monica Soto, Angel Tazelaar, Jonathan Tegge, Stephen Tolbert, Yazmin Villegas Sanchez, Gabrielle Warrenburg, Vanessa Welch.

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Phoenix students visit iMET center

Click pic for more photos in our gallery.

About 75 Phoenix Middle School eighth graders recently visited the Gateway Technical College iMet Center in Sturtevant to learn more about career fields in engineering and manufacturing.

The visit was a part of Gateway’s “It’s All About ME! Manufacturing Expo” event, which was a field trip opportunity to let students, parents and educators understand what careers are available in the manufacturing industry. It also looked to create an awareness of the local opportunities available at world-class companies.

Students took a “passport tour” where they earned stamps for learning about highly skilled manufacturing careers in diverse manufacturing fields. They also got to interact with Gateway faculty and local business officials at their expo booths.

The iMET center (Integrated Manufacturing and Engineering Technology) is a flexible manufacturing lab dedicated to training for engineering and manufacturing careers.

The Manufacturing Expo tours were planned collaboratively by the Racine Unified School District’s Career & Technical Education Office, Gateway Technical College,
KABA, Kenosha Area Chamber of Commerce, Kenosha County Job Center, RAMAC, RCEDC and Racine County Workforce Development Center, the University of
Wisconsin-Parkside, Walworth County Job Center and several local manufacturers.

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IN THE NEWS: Dual Language program is featured

Click pic to read the story. Walworth County Sunday photo by Terry Mayer (a DDHS grad).

Our awesome Dual Language Immersion Program was highlighted this weekend on the cover of the Walworth County Sunday. Check out the story on the program that making both native English- and Spanish-speakers in the district Bilingual, Biliterate and Bicultural (and much more employable when they graduate!):

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VOLUNTEER TODAY: DDHS set to host Reality Fair

Students check in at a station at the 2013 DDHS Reality Fair.

Students check in at a station at the 2013 DDHS Reality Fair.

*SEE BELOW for how you can help out at the upcoming DDHS Reality Fair!*

About 300 students from Delavan-Darien High School and Elkhorn Area High School will take part in a “Reality Fair” Wednesday, Dec. 3, from 8 a.m. until noon at DDHS.

Business Education faculty at DDHS are coordinating the event, which will give students a perspective on what life is like after high school.

The gives students and example of the many bills to pay and day-to-day challenges adults solve every day that kids might not have ever considered, said DDHS business teacher Jodi Scott.

Students are surveyed prior to the event about their thoughts on the costs of living, such as rent, food, college loans, insurance, gasoline and the like.

Students must then specify their intended job or career, and are assigned family situations.

Each student is also assigned a credit score and monthly salary to “live” on during the fair. By the end of the experience, the objective is to have a greater-than-zero balance in the “bank.”

Students are encouraged to be honest about their future plans. Some just say they’ll be doctors or lawyers, feeling that these are high-paying jobs, and they are, but there are also steep college loans associated with those careers. Students are given that debt and other debts, too.

During the fair, students go from station to station, which represent different aspects of American life, including such things as transportation, insurance, utilities, housing, childcare, unforeseen or “fate” events, and others.

They are given different scenarios, including costs, at each station. Some may have serious health issues, or have costly home repairs, or have to pay for daycare.

As students go station-to-station, they keep a running balance in a checkbook provided by event sponsor, Educators Credit Union.

Many students start these activities with the idea that ‘they know all of this,’ and that ‘it will be easy, Scott said. Students quickly find that it is more challenging than they would have believed. It shows them the reality of personal finance and balancing budgets and life.

As in life, students might not always get what they want, but they certainly do get a lesson in real life at the Delavan-Darien Reality Fair.

VOLUNTEER: You Can Help!

Care to volunteer for the fair by managing a table station? Contact DDHS business education teacher Jodi Scott at 262-728-2642 ext. 4481, or via email at

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