Life lessons in teamwork, cooperation taught to fifth graders

Fifth Grade Teamwork Activities

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Together Everyone Achieves More with teamwork.

The fifth graders at Darien Elementary, Turtle Creek Elementary, and Wileman Elementary have been learning that first-hand early on in the school year. They have been working together on various activities to learn about teamwork and how working cooperatively makes tasks much easier.

Recently, the fifth graders spent a half-day outside on their playgrounds working with guidance counselors, gym teachers, school psychologists, and teachers on team-building activities.

Different activities required them to work together to solve a problem or complete a common goal, such as “crossing a river” without letting anyone fall in, circling a cone by walking together on team “rope skis,” or getting a hula-hoop to the ground by having everyone balance it on one outstretched finger (easier said than done!).

After these small group and large group activities, fifth graders were asked about their successes, how they cooperated, communicated, and kept positive attitudes while faced with problems during the fun team challenges.

During each of the tasks, students were reminded to keep encouraging one another and not blame anyone for a mistake.

These life skills that the students practiced during the activities are reinforced throughout fifth grade as students are asked to work together daily to be successful academically and socially.

Delavan-Darien fifth graders have truly learned that together everyone really does achieve more.

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