Wileman first graders enjoy ‘Stone Soup’

Wileman's Stone Soup activity

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Wileman Elementary School first graders had a tasty day in the classroom Tuesday, Nov. 23, when they enjoyed stone soup.

The students were able to peel and cut up potatoes, carrots, celery and added seasonings, corn, beans and peas to make their own “Stone Soup,” a meal that comes right out of the book of the same name by Marcia Brown.

The story tells of some soldiers who, on their journey home, do not have any food to eat. They decide to trick the people of the village, who had hid their food, into helping them make soup from stones and water… all that was needed were some onions, carrots, meat, and so on. The villagers and soldiers find that stone soup can indeed be quite tasty.

The students later enjoyed their version of stone soup, which they made with the help of their teachers — Mrs. Garlock, Mrs. Peyer and Mr. Maas — a Wileman aide, Mrs. Ettner, and a volunteer parent, Mrs. VanDeBogart, and grandparent, Mrs. Dahl.

The students enjoyed their stone stoup and also recreating the book as a play directed by Mr. Maas, a student teacher at Wileman this year.

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