Buddy writing popular at Darien Elementary

Darien Buddy Reading

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The second and fifth grade classes at Darien Elementary School got together once again for “buddy writing.”

Together, the buddies were paired to create a story together. They were to choose the topic and then illustrate it once the story was written.

The students focus on reading and writing during the activity. They “buddy” read to each other, share the stories they have written, and the fifth graders help the second graders edit and add details to their stories.

The classes meet once a month for a big project. Next month, the students will create holiday cards the kids can give to their families.

“Buddy class is a way for the kids to get to know someone not in their grade,” said second grade teacher Christine Schleden. “The older kids get to be the teacher or mentor and a special relationship is created. It is wonderful to see how the older kids help and care for the second graders.”

The students will change buddies in the second semester to get to know more kids in the school and have the opportunity to work with someone else.

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