Wax Museum of Reading returns to Turtle Creek

Wax Museum photo

Students listen and learn at a previous Turtle Creek Wax Museum of Reading. (File photo)

DELAVAN—Fifth graders at Turtle Creek Elementary School will give visitors personalized book reviews for just a few coins dropped in their buckets on Thursday, Jan. 26.

The school is once again presenting its “wax museum of reading,” an event that has students line the school’s halls and become characters from the books they’ve read. When a visitor drops a few coins in the students’ bucket, the student will come to life as a character from the book and do a short presentation or skit about it, without revealing the ending, of course.

The activity not only generates funds for the fifth graders’ annual field trip (this year a spring Milwaukee Brewers baseball game), it encourages them to read books, attain their yearly reading goals and practice public speaking, fifth grade teacher Michelle Minton said.

About 80 fifth graders at Turtle Creek participate. Some students who participate in forensics will use the skits at forensics meets.

The event is geared for parents and elementary school-aged students. Many kids who attend and see the skits leave with ideas of good books to read and will later check them out at their school or public library, Minton said.

Turtle Creek has been hosting the event for about a dozen years, Minton said. It has always been a popular event for students, parents and other visitors.

“The kids are always very prepared, and their skits are very well done,” Minton said, noting that all Turtle Creek fifth grade teachers are involved in the preparation. “Everyone has a lot of fun with this activity.”

The event runs from 5:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. Visitors are asked to enter through the main entrance at Turtle Creek Elementary School.

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