K-9 search of DDHS parking lot comes up clean

No DrugsThe Walworth County Sheriff’s Department K-9 Unit came to Delavan-Darien High School today, Friday, Jan 27, for an unannounced student parking lot search.

It was the second time this school year the K-9 Unit came to DDHS for a drug sweep.

Proudly, we can say for the second time, the dogs came up with nothing.

No drugs were discovered, and no suspicious objects or weapons were found.

On Nov. 9, drug-sniffing dogs and deputies searched all student lockers inside the school. Then, too, there was nothing found by way of drugs or suspicious or dangerous objects.

“There has been a string of good news coming out of this high school lately, and today’s search results just adds to that,” said Principal Mark Schmitt.

Schmitt referenced a few things…

  • semester grades being up significantly compared to this time last year (example: sophomores have fewer failing grades compared to when they were freshman (down to 41 from 68), and this year’s freshman class compared to last year’s has significantly fewer failing grades (13 compared to 68));
  • the DDHS wrestling team defeating Badger (40-21) in a tough matchup last night, and raising money for cancer research during the meet;
  • a history-making band, orchestra and symphony orchestra concert held Monday night;
  • a successful student-run La Union: Latino Night at DDHS that had about 150 from the community come in recently and learn about Latino culture from students in the Latino Literature class taught by Kelly Dennis;
  • DDHS students teaching fourth and fifth graders about the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • an email from Orchestra Director Jennifer Bayerl complementing our students for their role model-like behaviors at a recent field trip — “You should know how great the students were. We were in a balcony surrounded by other high school students and our group stood out as the quietest, least wiggly and most respectful bunch. They represented DDHS in an outstanding manner.”

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  1. rachel says:

    I hope this finally proves that our students are vibrant young people- NOT CRIMINALS- lets treat them as such

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