DDHS students receive 2012 Academic Awards

Dozens of Delavan-Darien High School students were recognized at the school’s annual Academic Awards Night, held Monday, April. 30, in the school’s auditorium.

Students are awarded points based on their grade point averages and participation in certain activities. Students get two points each semester when their grade point is between 3.0 and 3.7499. They get four points if their GPA is 3.75 or above.

Students can also earn points if they are involved in Destination Imagination, National Honor Society and Forensics.

Based on the number of points they’ve earned, students receive a T-shirt, an academic letter, an academic pin or an academic plaque. Points are through the end of the first semester for the 2011-12 school year.

DDHS Spanish teacher Liz Lieske-Evans was the speaker at the awards banquet. Read the text of her speech below.

DDHS senior Michelle Gissing gave the introduction.

The award winners include:

Academic T-Shirt Recipient (6+ points)


Row 1 (left to right) – Brice Stirmel, Tara Leighty, Zachariah Lazzeroni, Isabelle Gonzales;

Row 2 – Hannah Boutelle, Vanessa Tejeda, Alysha Soto, Naason Cano, Connor Welsh, Jeremiah Van Dan, Neil Truckenbrod, Zachary Simons, Benjamin Steenstry;

Row 3 – Kiana Schneider, Landon Schramski, Noah Quintero, Alison Pickel, Juanita Perez, Gordon Patterson, Alexander Parr, Eliah Nelson, Avery Hembrook, Merissa Gemas;

Row 4 – Jameson Davis, Mackenzie Cunningham, Alison Doerr, Kelly Deschner, Kylie Collins, Cody Chelminiak, Ashley Brouwer, Mitchell Biging, Connor Armstrong, Simeon Ploeger;

Not Pictured -Austin Bores, Emma Breaux-Hansen, Alondra Castaneda, Cindy Echeverria, Caitlyn Ellison, Belen Esquivel, Madison Even, Paige Flitcroft, , Gabriel Gonzales, Ana, Hernandez, Max Huerta, Zachary Larson, Daniel Loomer, Kelly McKinney, Emily Moyer, Jose Perez, Stephen Rodriguez, Haylie Rogers, Devin Salas, Austin Schultz, Ellen Schutt, Tessa Scott, , Casey Truckey, Marina Vasquez, Alani Villegas, Nicholas Walsh, Morgan Benzing, Sabrina Bottlemy, Cody Chic, Keanna Ecklund, Stella Hansen, Cassandra Hinojosa, Victor Jaramillo, Anna Leitzke, Jillian Pagor, Erika Sprigler, Meghan Weber, Natalie Buhler, Kathleen Cahill, Cody De Voy, Britani Drummer, Christopher Ettner, Marcus Hudson, Mayra Jaramillo, Colin Johnson, Alexandra Ostrander, Julian Rodriguez, Sadie Whitmore.

Academic letter recipients (12+ points)


Row 1 – Rebecca Finley, Mikala Demet, Alexandra Castillo, Alexandra Andrus, Daniel Carrillo, Joselyn Almburg, Bailey Abbott, Chalcie Vance, Noah Olson, Kevin Lee, Alexander Koch;

Row 2 – Sarah Kieffer, Stephanie Kasun, Sarah Heyer, Nicholas Bradley, Allison Bradley, Rose Wang, Michael Smith, Mikayla Severson, Benjamin Parr, Tlaloc Huerta;

Row 3 – Jennifer Hoyord, Yvonne Gagnon, Scott Ekman, Erin DeJong, John Damrow, Bridget Cahill, Megan Butke, Brody Brown, Nicholas Bahaveolos;

Not Pictured – Victoria Huebner, Graciela Jaramillo, Alexandra Lewis, Kylee Lubis, Zachary Maize, Kelly Miller, Cassandra Perez, Emily Santeler, Anthony Welch, Lane Brinkmeyer, Nataline Duerig, Autumn Ford, Shelbie Greidanus, Macall Hill, Samantha Hoyord, Joseph Scherer, Breanna Sorg, Daniel Supernaw, Logan Truckenbrod, Mirbella Turcios, Kaitlyn Vegter, Melissa Wilson, Tonya Duniven, Daniel Lemus, Ethan Marse, Shelby Nickels, Elizabeth Perez, Brittany Peyer, Gabriela Rivera, Ian Suminski, Brittany Trent, Rebecca Valenti, Cassandra Vegter.

Academic pin recipients (18+ points)


Row 1 – Kianna Venema, Megan Winchell, Erika Price, Hanna Williamson, Allison Polster, Victoria Lodahl, Alexander Leitzke, Erika Jimdar, Kassandra Huerta;

Row 2 – Audrey Holmes, Michelle Gissing, Jonathan Clark, Leslie Wright, Michael Vander Zee, Schuyler Williams, Hayley Severson, Elizabeth Roum, Taylor Scott, Abraham Pacheco;

Row 3 – Rebekah Olson, Kishan Patel, Amanda McLernon, Samuel Logterman, Lauren Kuntz, Therese Hartogh, Alexandra Kort, Sara Farley, Kylie Bliss;

Not Pictured – Nathan Dobratz, Kyle Forster, Carrie Getka, Ethan Lewandowski, Caleb Marse, Nicky Sterken, Stephanie Anderson, Caitlin Carro, Austin Chilson, Jamie Chojnowski, Ariana Cruz, Jaricza De Alba, Aurora Froncek, Emily Gardner, Bryce Hembrook, Kaylan Herman, Kyle Moehling, Bryce Skelton.

Academic plaque recipients (24+ points)


Row 1 – Meghan Smith, Benjamin Samuelson, Alwin Roth, Olin Nelson, Zachariah Karbash, Ashley Jones, Deni Hernandez, Michelle Hudy, Hillary Hansen;

Row 2 – Reed Wuttke, Allison Hammerstad, Anna Gaspar, Kyndle Bennett, Nicole Densmore, Kiefer Bennett, Tonette Seitz, Holly Maize;

Not Pictured -Jasmine Banasik, Michael Gonzales, Julia Medema, Diana Perez, Hailey Sawtelle, Joseph Smith.

Academic Awards 2012 presentation text from Mrs. Liz Lieske-Evans
(read at the Academic Awards Night, April 30, 2012, at DDHS)

Congratulations to all of the students and families here tonight! Your academic honors and achievements are truly something to be proud of. I find it really interesting that even though your achievements in the classroom and academic clubs have brought you here tonight – as I look out I see students who are involved in so many other things. We have gifted actors and actresses who have performed on stage this past year, accomplished

musicians, Student Council leaders, members of the FBLA and FFA, Forensics semifinalists, Destination Imagination team representatives, members of the Academic Bowl team, student athletes, and countless others of you who are known to be regular volunteers in the school and community. Your dedication and hard work are admirable, and in working hard you have discovered some great talent.

It has been said that “with great talent comes great responsibility”, and for much of my childhood I believed that you either possessed an ability to do something well or you didn’t. We like to put each other in our own little boxes – for some reason our society feels the need to categorize its members. In my family, my brother was the one who was gifted in science and math, my sister, the one who was more athletic and outgoing, and me – I was the one who was good at Spanish and language arts. Were we born with these talents, or was there something in our educational journey that led us to these things? How did you first discover that you were good at something? Did you practice at the beginning or was it an unexpected surprise? It is my belief that even the things that come easy to you deserve your best work. Doesn’t a person who has a gift for painting, still need to spend hours toiling in front of a canvas to produce a masterpiece? Isn’t a talent something that should be cultivated and developed? How will you use the gifts that you have only begun to discover? Where will you make your mark?

Perhaps you will enter the Peace Corps and find yourself working in the mountains of Perú. Maybe you will find yourself researching in college laboratories in order to find the cure for deadly diseases. I expect that we may have a future attorney in the room who will give a voice to those who don’t have one. Which of you will be teaching our children to read and to appreciate the beauty of the written word? And it takes a special person to work with our elderly who need assistance in daily routines, giving them the love and support that they once gave someone else.

Many of you are already using your gifts. You are the person who welcomed a new student to the building. You babysat so that parents could attend meetings and conferences without distraction, you taught Sunday school at your church and mini Foreign Language lessons in our nearby schools. On behalf of our school community, I want to say thank you for all that you have already done, and what you will continue to do. We are impressed and grateful.

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you to think about your greatest fans. Who do you look to when you need advice? Who gives you the love and support that you need everyday? Who will always be there when you need someone to listen? Don’t forget to thank them and tell them how much they mean to you.

I am not a runner, but I admire the work ethic and dedication of those who do run, especially those who run daily, even more so those who run daily, outside, in the wintertime. Regardless, my favorite quotation comes from a famous runner, Steve Prefontaine. I first noticed it and memorized it from a poster hanging in the pediatrician’s office on one of the many visits made when my son had multiple ear infections as an infant. The poster shows Prefontaine in the Olympic arena, wearing the USA uniform, and he appears to be running a victory lap – strong, and vibrant, the only man in front of thousands of people. Above this, appear the words, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

My question for each of you is what kind of gift will you give? Give your best daily. Give your friends and family your best support. Give your classmates and teachers the best learning environment, give your community the best service, give yourself the best educational experience that you can. Go out, work hard, play even harder, and enjoy every minute of the journey.

Thank you,

Liz Lieske-Evans

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