April’s DDHS Students of the Month named

A junior, two sophomores and three freshmen were named students of the month for April at Delavan-Darien High School.

Students are nominated for the award by a teacher or staff member. They all receive a T-shirt, have write-up and photo in the school’s display case near the auditorium and a letter of commendation is sent home to parents.

The winners are:

Alonzo Ortiz, freshman, nominated by social studies teacher Dan Brandt. Brandt wrote: “Alonzo consistently displays the qualities of an exemplary student. His work is completed with a high degree of quality. He demonstrates insight and creativity on a consistent basis in his written work. Alonzo is a focused student who demonstrates initiative and maturity.

“Alonzo respects the learning environment, the teacher, and the feelings of other students. He has in turn earned the respect of his peers and teachers. His quiet leadership is an asset to the freshman class and the school.”

Leticia Rizo, freshman, nominated by math teacher Mary Beth Waychoff. Waychoff wrote: “Leticia is an exemplary student in Algebra and an integral part of our school. She has never missed a due date and achieves above and beyond on all her quizzes and tests. She actively participates during lessons and activities and asks clarifying questions. She is also highly involved in making our school a better place. Leticia is a prime example of how to be successful in and out of the classroom.”

Monica Torres, freshman, nominated by science teacher Jerry Iserloth. Iserloth wrote: “In this past month we have done two extensive labs and one major roller coaster project. Each time when the students were allowed to pick partners, Monica stood back and opted to work with individuals who did not have groups. Her compassion and willingness to work with others rather than fit in some status quo makes her, I believe, an ideal candidate for student of the month.”

Noah Quintero, sophomore, nominated by Spanish teacher Liz Lieske-Evans. Lieske-Evans wrote: “Noah is an excellent Spanish 3 student. He asks thought-provoking questions, and he uses Spanish whenever possible, serving as a leader in the room. He is a student who is always well prepared, and in every classroom task or activity, I can count on him to work hard and turn in high quality work.
“In addition to possessing a strong work ethic, I have noticed that Noah has a true gift in the spoken word. He does an excellent job using the Spanish he has learned so far to communicate, using little to no English in class.”

Jeremiah Van Dan, sophomore, nominated by science teacher Cassey Hoffmann. Hoffmann wrote: “Jeremiah is an excellent student. Not only does he work hard to do well in class, he goes above and beyond expectations to help others learn. Jeremiah frequently offers his help to other students when he sees that they are struggling to complete an assignment or activity that he has already completed. He does not give the answers to other students, but will sit down next to them and help them work through an activity so they can learn and truly understand what they are working on.”

junior, nominated by science teacher Shelly Sullivan. Sullivan wrote: “Cassie has been doing an outstanding job in geology this semester. She strives to succeed and always works her hardest. Cassie is actively involved in class through her participation in group work, ability to ask great clarifying questions and helping other students. Cassie does extra credit and retakes quizzes to make sure not only is her grade is always in the ‘A’ range, but to ensure that she truly understand the scientific concepts. Cassie is a positive leader in the classroom and sets a great example for other students.”

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