DDHS student warms the homeless with her gifts

Tie Blankets

Some of the “tie blankets” Jennifer Hoyord has made for the Twin Oaks Homeless Shelter in Walworth County.

Delavan-Darien High School junior Jennifer Hoyord says she’s lived a pretty sheltered life.

Jennifer Hoyord

Jennifer Hoyord

“I feel I have so much, sometimes,” the 16-year-old said.

She never knew someone who lived in a shelter though until she played tennis for the Comets as a freshmen.

One of her former teammates lived in the Twin Oaks Homeless Shelter near the Rock-Walworth county line.

“She was one of the first people who I have come in contact with who actually lived there,” Hoyord said. “This summer, I decided I wanted to do something for a charity and the shelter  came up.”

Since that day, Hoyord has been making “tie blankets” for children who find themselves living at the shelter.

Her hand-made colorful fleece creations are usually 6×6-foot square with knotted “ties” around the perimeter.

The baby-blankets she makes are of a different material and don’t have the ties for safety.

“Sometimes, people have to keep moving” from shelter to shelter, Hoyord said, noting that Twin Oaks has a 90-day limit. “These blankets are something they can take with them. Something they don’t have to give up. It’s their own possession.”

Hoyord contacts the shelter periodically to find out the needs they have, and she tries to match the style of blankets with the kids living there at the time.

“I just want to keep making them for every new kid that comes in there… for as long as I can and for as long as my funds allow me to,” she said.


You can help

Care to help secure materials for Hoyord’s Comfort for Kids campaign? Call her at 262-728-5532.

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