February Students of the Month announced at DDHS

Freshman Anya Jeninga and junior Jose Padilla were named the February Students of the Month at Delavan-Darien High School.

DDHS science teacher Shelly Sullivan nominated Jeninga:

“Anya does an extraordinary job in biology every day. In class, Anya can be seen working with her classmates, focused on the class content and asking detailed questions. Even as a freshman, Anya shows the qualities of an advanced student. She strives for deeper understanding and has high expectations of herself. I have never seen Anya rush through anything or give an assignment, big or small, anything less than her very best.”

Study hall supervisor Shannon Markley spoke well of Padilla:

“Jose has come along way from being in tutored study hall  last semester. He brought all of his grades up and is even planning on signing up for AP classes next year. Jose “dresses to impress” now and has started wearing dress shirts and ties most days of the week; he says he feels more confident and wants to do his best in school. Jose’s changes make him a great role model! I have noticed the change in him and hope others have as well!”

Other nominees for the award included seniors Breanna Sorg and Carla Cruz, junior Juanita Perez, sophomore Michael Medley and freshman Adeana Rodriguez.

“Breanna has and is doing a great job of providing leadership to the Delavan-Darien FFA as it’s President. Breanna has organized FFA activities, planned and ran meetings and is developing the annual FFA Banquet.”

~ Mr. Marty Speth, Agriculture Teacher

“Carla is currently a student in the RISE program here at DDHS. She has worked very hard over the past year and will be completing her graduations requirements in the next few weeks. In addition, Carla has managed to find the time to work at Taco Bell. Carla has been an excellent example to the other students in the RISE program. Her strong work ethic, combined with her genuine caring nature help her to be an excellent role model for my other students. She’s always willing to help with extra things in the classroom, from helping other students with computer and homework problems, to giving classmates without transportation a ride to school. I am very proud of how far Carla has come, and I expect her to continue to achieve wonderful things as she leaves DDHS.”

~ Mr. Bill Rima, RISE

“Juanita Perez has done a remarkable job in Spanish 4 so far this year. She is always prepared, and she actively participates in class, bringing new ideas and questions to the class discussion. She is very willing to help classmates with questions, and she comes to class ready to work on a daily basis. I have noticed that this dedication to academics is something that Juanita exhibits in her other classes as well. She is often seen after school hours working in a teacher’s room, and her hard work has paid off, earning her a spot on the high honors list for first semester. Juanita, congratulations on a great first semester!”

~Ms. Liz Lieske-Evans, Spanish Teacher

“Michael continues to work hard to have success in class. He greets me very politely every day as he walks into class. Recently he took a leadership role in a small group activity we worked on and did a great job getting the task completed! I have noticed that Michael is sets a good example during class with his behavior and I appreciate this.”

~ Mrs. Julie Quartucci, Social Studies Teacher

“Adeana enters class every day with a smile! She adds to class discussions and sets a good example during class. I was impressed when she reminded a classmate how athletes are supposed to behave in class when another athlete was making some poor choices.”

~ Mrs. Julie Quartucci, Social Studies Teacher

All winners and nominees will receive a letter home, a Comet Code t-shirt, and be on the DDHS home page! The two winners will have their pictures and write ups in the display case by the auditorium.

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