Turtle Creek hosting ‘Reading Restaurant’ activity

booksThe Turtle Creek Incredibles, the parent group for Turtle Creek Elementary School, is sponsoring a Reading Restaurant activity night on Friday, March 1, from 5:30-7 p.m. at the school.

Families should plan to come to school to enjoy some quality reading time with their children.

Upon entering, families choose between four and seven classrooms (or “restaurants”) to read and enjoy a themed snack.

Families will have a passport and menu with a list of all the choices of restaurants/classrooms.

There will also be decorated cakes in the library and families will have a chance to have a treat there, as well.

The evening is free of charge. All Turtle Creek Elementary School students and parents are encouraged to attend.

Check out the list of book titles, themes and snacks below:

Joslyn/Turner : Swedish Smorgasbord/ Swedish pancakes and Swedish meatballs/ Pippi Longstocking

Schleden: Schleden’s Sherbet Shoppe/ Sherbet/ Arthur books

Behrens: Mrs. Bear-ens Den/ Trail Mix/ Berenstain Bears

Jacobs: Jacobs Jungle/ monkey bread/ 5 Little Monkey series

Jacobson: Madeline’s Bonjour Bistro/Madeline cookies/ Madeline series books

Meinen: Mrs. Meinen’s KinderGarden/ Veggies & Dip/ garden books

Wrubbel: Wrubbel’s Wallbangers/ popcorn/ baseball books

Drobot: Drobot’s Dirt Desserts/ dirt cake as the dessert/ bug books

Elmore/Nava: Rhyme Time Cafe/ Chips and Dips/ Rhyming Books

Fleck and Company: Library – Suessville/ Colorful Jellybeans and fish/ Dr. Suess books

Gosse: Castelluccio Cafe/ Meatballs/ Italian Themed books

Seitz: Seitz-Seeing/ Spatzels/ Travel books

Fossler: Fossler’s Gone Fishing/ Goldfish/whale crackers will be served.  Fiction and nonfiction books about fish/ocean/fishing

C. Turner: Turners T-rex and Friends/ Food TBD/dinosaurs both fiction and non fiction

Janaky/ Andreoni – Mo’s Diner/ Hot dogs/ Mo Willams books

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