Math 24 competition heats up thinking minds at Wileman

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Have you heard of Math 24 club and wondered what it was?

Well, in short, it’s a “ fast-paced math game that requires intellectual, mathematical thought processes in order to win,” said Cathy Theobald, a fourth-grade teacher at Wlieman Elementary School.

The game offered an opportunity for an in-district competition among students. This year’s district-wide elementary competition was held at Wileman Elementary School.

Although there are many ways to play, Math 24 is a card game at its core. Players must use each of the numbers once, and may add, subtract, multiply, or divide in order to reach an answer of 24.

Math 24 promotes basic facts, mental math, problem solving, and patterning in players.

During competition, the cards are placed in front of three or four students and the first student to come up with the solution to the card touches it. If the answer is correct, the student takes the card and places it in front of them. The proctor then puts the next card into play. Each card gains points for the students playing.

There are four rounds of play during the competition. Points won by each student in rounds 1-3 are added to determine who advances to the final round.

Each year students compete in their individual classrooms, and then in an all elementary school competition. Fourth and fifth graders competed at the in-district Math 24 competition.

“Quite often, I’ll see students either playing 24 in groups or studying the cards by themselves,” Theobald said. “It’s exciting to see students doing math when they don’t ‘have’ to.”

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