Soldier’s homecoming surprises siblings, classrooms

Alexis Mazzola hugs her older brother, Army Specialist E4 Steven Tomich, after he made a surprise visit at Turtle Creek Elementary School. Click pic for more images in our gallery.

At the Delavan-Darien School District, we understand that each school day offers special moments for students.

Two students at Turtle Creek Elementary had extra special days today, Monday, March 4, when they got a surprise visit from their big brother.

United States Army Specialist E4 Steven Tomich came in with his wife and parents to surprise his younger brother and sister, Roger Jr. and Alexis Mazzola.

The younger siblings had just finished listening to first grade teacher Kirsten Andreoni read a book about an older brother leaving his younger brother home while he went off to join the Army.

Shortly after finishing the book, Steven came into the classroom dressed in full Army fatigues and combat boots. His wife Melissa, and parents Maureen and Roger Sr., were not far behind.

Roger Jr. and Alexis were surprised, to say the least. It took a few seconds for it to sink in for the second and first graders, respectively, to realize what they were seeing. A few moments later, both gave their big brother a hug and then talked to their first and second grade classmates about where he had been and what he had been doing.

Specialist Tomich, an engineer, was home after serving a nine-month tour of duty in Kuwait. He flew back stateside in early February, but had to stay at his base, Fort Carson in Colorado, until arriving in Delavan earlier today.

It was hard for the family to keep his homecoming a secret from Roger Jr. and Alexis for so long, Maureen, said.

Both of the elementary students said they look forward to spending time with their older brother and having fun playing games and talking with him.

Surely, with the snow on the ground and more in the forecast, they said they’d try to get him to take them both sledding in the near future!

Specialist Tomich is home until March 25 before he has to return to base. His tour in Kuwait was his first overseas.

Thank you, Specialist Tomich and family, for creating a wonderful surprise for our school today, and for serving our country! You’ve made us very proud!

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