Phoenix students find reading buddies at Turtle Creek Elementary

TC-PX Reading Buddies PHoto

Phoenix Middle School students visited with Turtle Creek kindergarteners to read with them as part of a life-skills project. Click pic to enlarge

DELAVAN — On Thursday and Friday, Feb. 21-22, students from the special education classrooms of Phoenix Middle School in Delavan visited the 4-year-old and 5-year-old kindergarten classrooms of Turtle Creek Elementary School. 

The middle school students were there to read to the younger students as part of an effort to assist the special education students in learning vital life skills.

One goal of the Special Education Program at Phoenix Middle School this year is for its students to build relationships with peers of other age groups, develop social skills outside the school setting, and learn the positive effects of community service. By providing opportunities to develop these skills in their curriculum, the middle school students build self-confidence, learn to practice self-advocacy, and create a positive community image for the program.

In addition to the recent field trip to Turtle Creek, these opportunities will be accomplished through other various fieldtrips into the local community. Future fieldtrips may see the Phoenix students visiting a nursing home, caring for animals at an animal shelter, or conducting a community clean-up.

The choice future fieldtrips will be driven by student input. As part of the goal of building confidence and self-advocacy, the students are encouraged to give their ideas for ways to enrich their curriculum.

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