Students + Books = Battle of the Books 2013

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Wileman, Darien, Turtle Creek and Phoenix schools have been reading, forming teams, strategizing and holding “Reading Battles” throughout the school year.

The statewide Battle of the Books program is designed to promote a love of reading among our students. It encourages students to read a variety of books and remember information about the plots, characters, and settings of the books. Every question asked in a battle is answered by the title and author of the book and takes the form of: Name the book in which a horse and a boy are stranded on an island. It is a fun, academic-based competition that has been very successful in school districts throughout the state in encouraging students to read.

WEMTA (Wisc. Educational Media & Technolgy Assoc.) sponsors three divisions. The elementary division is fourth through sixth grade. The sixth through eighth grade division is the middle level, and a senior high division exists for grades 8 and up.

The elementary division reads the nominated Golden Archer winners for the primary and intermediate levels plus a variety of other award winning titles. The middle level participants read the nominated titles for the intermediate and junior high level plus ten other titles which are determined by media specialists throughout the state. The senior division reading list aims to expose students to current award winning literature. The list incorporates awards such as: Golden Archer, Newbery, Printz, Siebert and others.

Along with the “State” program we added a “Building” level program for our 1st – 3rd Grade readers.  They read and battled from six titles.  Even though this age level did not compete against another school the competition was “in” each building was amazing.  They were very prepared!

In both groups (building and state) students selected team names and made logo’s for their teams, had the opportunity to meet weekly with teammates, and read award-winning stories.  This was our second year in the program and we now understand just how much work it takes to compete for the “State Battle”.  We have “lots” of ideas for next year as we learn the best way to remember details, strategize, and work together as a team.


  • State Teams: 11 Teams
  • Winning Team – My Little Pony: Kate, Collette, Alyssa, and Angela
  • Building Teams (Gr. 1-3): 7 Teams
  • Winning Team – Team Shooting Stars: MacKenzie, Clara, Madilynn and Emily 


  • State Teams: 4 Teams
  • Winning Team – Fearless Four: Gracie, Emily, Rosalba, and Nevarez
  • Building Teams (Gr. 1-3): 11 Teams
  • Winning Team – Rock n’ Roll Readers: Abby, Destiny, Eliana, and Chloe

Turtle Creek

  • State Teams: 23 Teams
  • Winning Team – Reading Ravins: Wyatt, Savanna, Yadira, and Jacob
  • Building Teams (Gr. 1-3): 22 Teams
  • Winning Team – Cheetahs: Hector Hernandez and Adante Raby


  • State Teams: 9 Teams
  • Winning Team – Mocking Jays: Dezee, Ricky, and Koty

This year, the Phoenix team was very strong.  But we fell a little behind in the “State Battle” as we missed a new step this year.  Not only did you have to know the details you had to spell the titles and authors without any mistakes.  That takes a little more memorization that we had not practiced for.  But next year our teams will be prepared!

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