Students attend UW-Madison’s Engineering Expo

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Dozens of Delavan-Darien school district students spent part of their school day at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Engineering Expo. The three-day event, held every two years by the UW College of Engineering, brings over 10,000 visitors to the campus to   inspire innovation and ingenuity in the minds of future generations.

Beyond the visiting K-12 students, participants at expo include Fortune 500 industry leaders, engineering student organizations from the UW campus, individuals displaying their engineering projects and ideas, and thousands of students and members of the community.

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Delavan-Darien’s elementary students did a Flight Duration where they had to design and build a device to guide a model space capsule down from “orbit.” The team that builds a model able to keep the capsule aloft for the longest time wins!

“It was fun to sit back and watch the students think, experiment, and test their capsule,” said Wileman Elementary fourth grade teacher Cathy Theobald.

Students were given paper, tape, scissors, and the capsule, however, they could not put any tape on the capsule.

Students also created Penny Barges and tested their boat-building skills. Students made boats from  aluminum foil boats with the goal of carrying at least 50 pennies.

Six Delavan-Darien High School freshmen students attended the Engineering Expo, as well.

High school students participated in an earthquake simulation session and had to build a structure out of spaghetti noodles and marshmallows   Their structure was then placed on an earthquake simulator to see how sturdy it was.

Students were also involved in may other hands-on science activities that day.  They modeled DNA samples, extracted DNA from wheat germ, measured how much electrical power they could create using a stationary bike, tried to pry apart 3M adhesives and even watched their chaperones attempt to ride a Segway.

“It was a wonderfully stimulating way for our students to see how vast the career choices are within the field of engineering,” said DDHS reading specialist Michelle Minton.

Among all of the hands-on projects for students, there were exhibits about aeronautics, chemistry, physics and much more.

It was a great day of college-level learning for our Delavan-Darien students! On Wisconsin!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Engineering Expo.

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