Phoenix Middle School to launch new, technology-supported math curriculum

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DELAVAN — The Delavan-Darien School Board unanimously approved the selection of a new math curriculum for Phoenix Middle School at the Monday, July 8, board meeting.

The district will roll out Pearson’s Connected Math Project 3 this coming school year.

According to the Pearson website, the National Science Foundation funded the Connected Mathematics Project (CMP) at Michigan State University between 1991 and 1997. The result was Connected Mathematics, a complete mathematics curriculum for Grades 6, 7, and 8.

CMP helps students develop an understanding of important concepts, skills and ways of thinking and reasoning — in number, geometry, measurement, algebra, probability and statistics.

In 2000, the National Science Foundation funded a revision of the Connected Mathematics Project materials, CMP2, to take advantage of findings during six years of classroom use.

In 2012, the same authorship team created the next generation of the Connected Mathematics Project, which is now called CMP3.

This third revision of the curriculum aligns the program’s existing rigor and emphasis on constructing viable arguments to the Common Core State Standards, according to the website. CMP3 enhances its problem-based, interactive curriculum with digital instructional tools and content. These new powerful digital tools allow teachers to manage their classrooms and deliver content in a revolutionary way.

Phoenix Middle School math teachers Kris Meyer and Barb Perez explained to the school board why CMP3 was the preferred new middle school math curriculum.

The program is inquiry based and teaches math in an applied sense so students can understand the theories taught, Meyer said.

“Instead of starting with a theory or algorithm and teaching its rules first, the kids are asked to deal with the math in an applied sense to gear themselves to understand the mathematical concepts behind the theory,” Meyer said. “These discovery activities allow them to visualize or see the math so they can develop a deeper understanding of how the math works.”

CMP3 also has an online component that will seamlessly integrate with the district’s one-to-one technology initiative, which will also be rolled out in fall.

The technology-based components of the curriculum allow students and teachers to use all aspects of the curriculum on computers or tablet devices. Teachers can manage content, assessment, student profiles, and even student groups in the classroom. Students can use technology to engage more with the mathematical content, including multimedia and interactivity with lessons. Student work can also be captured and delivered electronically to their teacher.

The online portion of the curriculum also broadens peer-to-peer networking for Phoenix Middle School teachers. Online communities let teachers interact, share ideas, ask questions, offer tips and share helpful strategies to improve student achievement.

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