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The 40-foot-tall climbing tower that’s part of the Delavan-Darien School District high ropes challenge course was the perfect height for testing the durability of a common chicken egg and the student-created containers that protected them.

The Phoenix Middle School Egg Drop moved to new heights Thursday, Oct. 3, as Physical Education Teacher Ben Herland dropped the eighth graders’ eggs from the top of the tower.

The students, in Mr. Dean Gosse’s class, had to create containers to protect the egg from the impact after the fall. Students used a variety of materials, from paper to peanut butter and everything in between that might provide some sort of impact absorbency.

In previous years, the egg drop had been held from the top of Borg Memorial Stadium, which is a significantly lower height. From the top of the challenge course tower, more projects reached terminal velocity this year so students had to be a little more creative in how they went about protecting the “poachable” product inside.

The students once again had a smashingly good time studying physics, even if the objective was to keep the eggs as smash-free as could be!

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