Turtle Creek’s ‘Kiss the Pig’ event

Turtle Creek Principal Kelly Pickel kisses a pig in front of the entire student body, Monday, Dec. 19. CLICK PIC FOR MORE IMAGES IN OUR GALLERY!

Take a look at a job description for an elementary school principal sometime and it might read something like this:

“The functions of the job of principal include:

  • Chairs meeting;
  • Delegates responsibilities;
  • Develops budgets;
  • Evaluated personnel;
  • Implements policies;
  • Manages school administrative functions
  • Kisses pigs.”

Wait… what was that last one? Kisses pigs?

Well, that may not be on all principals’ to-do lists, but it was on the task list of Turtle Creek Elementary School Principal Kelly Pickel Monday, Dec. 16.

As a reward for the students for breaking the goal of selling more than 600 books at the school’s Scholastic book sale Nov. 13-16, Ms. Pickel agreed to kiss a pig in front of the entire student body.

The students sold 770 books, an amount big enough to raise enough funds for two new SMART Boards for the school’s 4-year-old kindergarten classrooms.

Teachers Ms. Andreoni and Ms. Seitz pumped up the crowd before Ms. Pickel had to kiss the pig. Ms. Seitz had the students agree that she should kiss the pig for no less than 10 seconds!

Mr. Neives Gonzalez, who shows pigs, brought in the young pig from the farm of Blake Schmaling. Gonzalez held the piglet — about 45 days old — for Ms. Pickel who put on her lipstick and first kissed for about three seconds.

The students had none of that, so she re-applied her makup and went in for the full 10 seconds — and then some — while Ms. Seitz counted with the students.

After the kiss, the students asked if the piglet had a name. It didn’t so the students named her “Pickels” before Mr. Gonzelez took her back to the Schmaling farm.


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