Seventh grader is Spelling Bee champ

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In today’s technology-filled world, we’ve become accustomed to that little squiggly red line.

You know the one. Its sibling is the little squiggly green line that lets us know of poor grammar. It’s the red line found under misspelled words in word-processing programs.

So what happens when you don’t have the red line to rely on?

Well, life gets tougher. Add to that the pressure of competition from schoolmates and what do you have?

The Phoenix Middle School Spelling Bee, of course!

Spelling Bee Champion Amy Beals (left) and runner-up Hunter Gebauer.

This year’s competition featured such words as “vitriolic,” “hermitage,” “betrothal,” and even one found in The Harry Potter series of books, “mugwump.” (It’s an actual word. Trust us.)

The last round boiled down to seventh grader Amy Beals and eighth grader Hunter Gebauer, who finished third last year.

Beals won the event by correctly spelling “hackamore” after Gebauer missed, and then correctly spelling “wheedle.” “Hackamore” is a bridle that consists of a halter and is used for training horses. “Wheedle” means to gain or get away with by using soft words or flattery.

Finishing in third place was sixth grader Alyssa Sanders, who missed “vivacious.”

Other participants in the bee included sixth graders Maddie Carroll, Alyssa Sullivan, Kody Lebow, Dan Mick, and Jacob O’Brien; seventh graders Ian bullock, Jaxon Davis and Nicholas Mathisen-Zihala; and eighth graders Kali Anditon, and Justin Johnson.

By winning, Beals will now have a chance to compete at a regional Spelling Bee with an opportunity to make the State Spelling Bee and perhaps even the Scripps National Spelling Bee competition in Washington D.C.

Congratulations to all participants!

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