Top elementary mathematicians meet for competition

Math 24 competition finalists pose for a group photo. Click pic to see more images in our gallery.

On Wednesday, February 5, fourth and fifth grade students from Darien, Wileman and Turtle Creek elementary schools gathered at Darien Elementary to compete in the district Math 24 competition.

Each school was represented by the winners of their school competitions. They completed four rounds of competition to select the top six students from each grade level. These students will compete in the regional competition on Monday, February 17, at Star Center School outside of Lake Geneva.

Congratulations to all the participants and good luck to our students that are competing at Star Center!


Students representing Darien Elementary are: Xavier Bullock, Kendra Barkas, Destiny Czarnecki, Paige Arnold, Michael Kiem, Gracie Laue;

Students representing Wileman Elementary are: Jason VanDeBogart, Christina Crawford, Kush Patel, Naitaly Napadano, Andie Hernandez, Collette Rivere.

Students representing Turtle Creek Elementary are: Esther Cano, Allison Rosencrans, Breanna Yartey, Marissa Torres-Raby, Yuniel Rodriguez, Adante Raby, Kelly Beckman, Hailey Flores, Ali Hutchison, Naomi Delgado, Gwen Acheson, Francheska Sandoval.

The students who will be competing on February 17 are:

Fourth graders: Marrisa Torres-Raby, Destiny Czarnecki, Esther Cano, Kendra Barkas, Adante Raby, Ali Hutchison and Alternates  Jason VanDeBogart, Michael Kiem, Naomi Delgado

Fifth graders: Breanna Yartey, Hailey Flores, Gwen Acheson, Allison Rosencrans, Francheska Sandoval, Naitaly Napadano and Kelly Beckman (alternate).

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