Wheelock, ’02, is musical advocate for Alzheimer’s awareness

DDHS Class of 2002 graduate Karen Wheelock.

We love it when our students work hard in school. We love it when our graduates work hard, too, especially when it’s on a project that can positively impact so many.

Take Karen Wheelock, Class of 2002, for example.

She’s bee using her gift of music to spread Alzheimer’s awareness.

A feature story on her in the Walworth County Sunday says she became connected to Alzheimer’s when the disease claimed her grandmother shortly after her high school graduation.

She learned all she could about it, and is continuing the learning today after her mother was also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s not long ago.

“I started attending support groups through the Alzheimer’s Association, fundraising and taking educational classes on the disease,” she told a reporter.

She’s not only an advocate for raising awareness, but her talent regularly takes her into environments where music can provide healing and hope, the paper said.

Wheelock has been performing at Wynwood Assisted Living in Madison for more than a year now, and she set out to produce a compilation CD to sell at an annual Madison fundraising walk for Alzheimer’s. She co-wrote a song on the CD with a friend who has had family affected by the disease.

She’s doing what she can to help fund what she says is underfunded Alzheimer’s research, the paper said.

Read more about her work to promote Alzheimer’s awareness here.

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