ALUMNI NOTES: Graduate publishes young adult fantasy novel

Click for listing of the book.

Click for listing of the book.

In a dramatic, teen fantasy adventure reminiscent of Eoin Colfer’s book series, Artemis Fowl, and J.K. Rowling’s immensely popular Harry Potter series, Delavan native Max Timm gives readers a new bent on a fairy story and delivers a hero to rival Disney’s Tinkerbell. In an attempt to bring the traditional fairy to the teenage market, Timm has created a fantastical world and a new system for making wishes in his debut novel, The WishKeeper.

A Delavan-Darien High School graduate (Class of ’97), Timm spent his formative years in Delavan primarily as an athlete, but while attending Holy Cross College at Notre Dame, Timm discovered a love of the arts and creative writing. He transferred to Columbia College Chicago and focused on screenwriting and film producing. Timm looked back on his Mid-western upbringing and considered just how many granted wishes propelled him to his current location.


Max Timm, DDHS Class of '97

Max Timm, DDHS Class of ’97

“The amount of people who helped me throughout my childhood, either voluntarily or involuntarily, is immense,” Timm said. “I began thinking of them as my ‘wishkeepers’ and how each subtle or not-so-subtle attempt to support me truly made me into who I am today. The word eventually stuck.”

The WishKeeper is the result of over eight years of work in which he created a new system of making wishes where everyone is assigned a kind of fairy called a WishKeeper.

While The WishKeeper centers around a fantasy world and, in particular, one rebellious little fairy with broken wings, the themes and morals of the book are still quite human in nature.

From the Back Cover:

The fate of your wishes rests on the back of a broken-winged fairy, but Shea Evenstar is no ordinary pixie. She wants to be a WishKeeper. When her parents destroyed a True Love Wish, the explosion shredded her wings, leaving her handicapped and the only fairy that can’t fly. 

Now sixteen, angry, resentful and determined, Shea sets out to grant a True Love Wish and prove that she can be the WishKeeper she always dreamed to be…no matter the consequence.

Timm also stretches the limits of the young adult book genre. As the acclaimed Kirkus Reviews stated in their review, “Timm takes some risks, too, by navigating the relatively uncharted territory of lesbian love in young adult fiction via Avery…he takes on the fantasy gamut with finesse…”

Inspiring and heart-felt, The WishKeeper is a page-turner that grips a reader’s emotions well beyond what might be expected from a fairy story.


“Timm masterminds a fantastical setting… Parents will appreciate the book’s inspiring message and the courage it might stir in young readers. An action-packed, dramatic tale with a nonstandard relationship and a winning message.”
Kirkus Reviews

“A classic basis of a fairy tale and adds a twist…angry, resentful teenagers aren’t usually in fairy tales. This is a Tinkerbell for big girls.”

About The Author:

Max Timm is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Film Writing and Producing. He was the Director of Development at the acclaimed Writers Boot Camp in Santa Monica, CA, for more than six years, as well as a screenwriting instructor. His debut novel, The WishKeeper, has sold more than 8,000 copies in less than six months. Residing in Los Angeles, he is currently working on book two of the series.

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