Event livestreaming moves to new subscription-based format

logo.sbpDELAVAN — The Delavan-Darien School District’s effort to “livestream” video content on the Internet has moved to a new subscription-based format for sporting events.

PlayOn Sports!, the company that provides the web streaming service and web hosting of the on-demand videos, has changed its business model in a way that virtually eliminates costs to the district and allows the district to receive proceeds from subscription sales.

The new model will require a paid subscription to watch Delavan-Darien sporting events live or for 72 hours after they are broadcast. After the 72 hours have passed, the events become free to all viewers.

All other non-sporting events that are streamed — such as concerts, plays, talent shows, graduation and other events — are free to watch any time they are broadcast on the district’s online livestreaming channel (http://www.nfhsnetwork.com/channels/delavan-darien-delavan-wisconsin).

“The opportunity to have livestreaming service for the district at virtually no cost to the district was a no-brainer,” said Mike Heine, coordinator of school/community relations and Delavan-Darien High School video club advisor. “While it’s unfortunate that not all live programming will be immediately free, it will still allow us to bring content to far-away Comet supporters. It may also help boost attendance at our home sporting events with streaming sports content behind a pay-wall for 72 hours.”

Subscribers wishing to access live online sporting events or on-demand events behind the 72-hour pay-wall have a variety of payment options.

Single-day passes are $9.95 while monthly passes are $14.95. Four-month season passes are $49.95, and annual season passes are $89.95. The district receives 50 percent of the net proceeds from all subscriptions sold through the course of the year.

Subscribers get full access to view all PlayOn Sports! content on the associated National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) livestreaming network. This includes numerous other schools from throughout the country. Subscribers also get exclusive access to watch high school games on the go with the NFHS iPhone or Android apps.

All payments and returns (for canceled or postponed events) are processed online through PlayOn Sports!’ secure server.

“The revenue sharing is another added benefit to the district,” Heine said. “Not only is PlayOn Sports! providing this service to the district free of charge, the district also gets a portion of all subscriptions bought during the year.”

The livestreaming effort, which the district started in 2012, offers students the opportunity to gain real-world experience in the broadcasting field.

Students can learn how to set-up and operate video and audio equipment, learn the basics of broadcasting live events with multiple cameras and do event play-by-play announcing.

Class of 2013 graduate Alex Koch announced previously announced several Comet football, basketball and soccer games. Just a year into college at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Koch has already been the play-by-play FM radio announcer for the UWSP Pointers NCAA Division III football and basketball teams.

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