Darien students’ work to decorate Capitol tree

Darien students were hard at work making snowflakes and ornaments for the State Capitol Building’s Christmas tree recently. Click pic for more photos in our gallery.

Darien Elementary School grade 5 teacher Amye Cawley and her students made Christmas ornaments for the State Capitol Christmas Tree.

“We received a letter in our mailbox inviting us to create ornaments that could be hung in the state capitol. I thought it would be a wonderful way to represent Darien Elementary as well as the Delavan- Darien School District,” Cawley said.

The class used clear ornaments and colored them on the inside using paint and glitter.

They shook them or rolled the paint to get the desired effect.

Students then tied ribbons to the top to complete the holiday ornament.

Cawley and fellow teacher Luke Kunzie’s worked together to create beaded snowflakes. They took six pipe cleaners and cut them in half for each snowflake. Students then selected and designed their own personal snowflake. It was a wonderful, festive and artistic afternoon!

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