PHOTOS: Sharing Thanksgiving at Wileman Elementary

Mrs. Andreoni shares a Thanksgiving story with her class. Click pic for more photos in our Wileman Sharing Thanksgiving gallery!

Thanksgiving is celebrated in many different ways. Mrs. Pfeil’s and Mrs. Andreoni’s classes at Wileman Elementary chose to celebrate Thanksgiving spending time with each other by sharing and listening.

All second grade students spent time during the month of November preparing projects to share on this day. One group of students prepared facts to share about turkeys like telling that only Tom turkeys gobble. Another group researched Thanksgiving traditions and made a game for others asking students to decide if the statement was a fact or opinion. The last group of students spent their time as authors writing an autobiography of themselves told from the viewpoint of others which were affectionately called “Melvin Bubble Stories”.

One of the Common Core speaking and listening standards asks students to participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners about grade two topics and texts with peers and adults in small and larger groups.

The students were placed into small groups and asked to share their information with other students. Each child had to present their topic using a loud presentation voice. Students were encouraged to ask questions when the presenter was finished. Taking turns, active listening and asking relevant questions were skills that these second graders put to use during our afternoon.

“We had a lot of fun, learned some turkey facts and had some great conversations,” Andreoni said. “The only thing missing was some pumpkin pie!”

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    Nice job Mrs. Andreoni and Mrs. Pfeil.

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