DDHS Students recognized for academic success

DDHS logoDozens of Delavan-Darien High School students were recognized at the school’s annual Academic Awards Night, held Monday, April 27, in the school’s auditorium.

Students are awarded points based on their grade point averages and participation in certain activities. Students get two points each semester when their grade point is between 3.0 and 3.7499. They get four points if their GPA is 3.75 or above.

Students can also earn points if they are involved in Destination Imagination, National Honor Society and Forensics.

Based on the number of points they’ve earned, students receive a T-shirt, an academic letter, an academic pin or an academic plaque. Points are through the end of the first semester for the 2014-15 school year.

DDHS senior Adam Drefs gave the introduction. He talked about there being 7 billion people on the planet and the difficulty to become a famous star athlete or celebrity, such as a starting quarterback in a Super Bowl, a platinum record-selling artist, or an Oscar-winning actor.

But students can go on to be stars in other career fields, for which DDHS has prepared them well, he said.

“We can all make a difference in the world,” Drefs said. “You are all here as academic achievers. I implore you not to waste these gifts.

“Your body will sooner or later begin to fail you, no matter how fit you are. Music will always be there, but eventually the next boy band or pop star will dethrone you. But your academics, your brains, will always be there. Knowledge lasts until you give up on it. If my 94-year-old Opal (grandpa) with his garage workshop is proof of anything, it is that you are never too old to keep helping, to keep thinking, to keep inventing.”

DDHS social studies teacher Adam Alter was the featured staff speaker at the awards banquet.

After telling stories about his days as a DDHS student some 20 years ago, he talked about the success the award recipients have achieved.

“You have worked hard, very hard, at producing the results needed to be given these awards based on academic excellence,” he said. “Achieving academic excellence is no small feat. It takes hard work, grit, determination and focus.

“I’m sure all of you at some point have thought to yourselves that it may indeed be easier to take the lower grade than continue working on a project, studying for a test, or not turning in an assignment, but you didn’t You didn’t take the easy road because you have determination. You know the importance of succeeding academically and doing your best in school.”

Award Winners

1 T-Shirt 2015

T-Shirt Recipients (6+ points)

Front row, from left: MacKenzie Hembrook, 12; Madalyn Krablean, 10; Corine Kastning, 10; Tamika Robinson, 10; Dayne Ludlum, 10; Dorian Miller, 10; Ben Hartogh, 10; Middle row: Alejandra Contreras, 10; Nancy Fonseca, 11; Jose Vega, 12; Nick Ward, 12; Stephanie Garcia, 10; Alyssa Gonzalez, 10; Kristen Hardwick, 10; Morgan Hennessey, 10; Kiana Jaramillo, 10; Back row: Troy Feeney, 10; Jesus Garcia, 10; Emily Geffers, 10; Julian Moralez, 10; Hana Romero, 9.


Not Pictured:

Sophomores: Cesar Arredondo, Aria Bickett, Harim Cano, Ethan Cesarz, Jacqueline Damrow, Madeline Edwards, Abigail Even, Eric Fleming, Ryan Gengler, Carly Hopkins, Hunter Huber, Michael Huth, Cristian Jaramillo, Samantha Kropacek, Emily Malvaez, Grace Maynard, Taylor McKinney, Israel Montelongo, Erinn Penniman, Julien Riviere, Hannah Santeler, Jesus Solis-Sanchez, Lyndsay Sorg, Xhevat Tahiri, German Turcios, Jordan Ziolkowski, Kaitlyn Zweifel;

Juniors: Ryan Anditon, Sena Atkinson, Isaac Carlton-Tahiri, Pablo Colon, Marisol Cruz, Katie Fleming, Haley Gilson, Bryce Hodder, Lucero Jaramillo, Arelis Laureano, Denise Manriquez, Cristian Rodriguez-Aranda, Hunter Schwartz, Daylan Turner;

Seniors: Jacy Gomez, Gabriel Hafferty, Michael Perkins, Ariana Sarra-Medina, Cameron Zabel, Kyle Zomer.


2 Letter 2015

Letter Recipients (12+ points)

Front row: Jayce Crull, 10; Jailyn Schroeder, 11; David Vegter, 11; Samuel Alder, 12; Sarai Fonseca, 12; Liam McPherson, 12; Back row: Erica Ivins, 11; Ismael Coello, 10; Jonathan Olson, 10; Jennyfer Perez, 10; Kenna Timmerman, 10; Thuy Poung Dang, 12; Carlos Gomez, 12; Morgan Holmes, 11; Daniel Smith, 11.


Not pictured:

Sophomores: Jacob Benzing, Seth Kirsch, Jada Ludens, Luis Nova, Xavier Ortiz, Priyanka Patel, Nilda Ruvalcaba;

Juniors: Nicholas Anditon, Anthony Arias, Haley Brinkmeyer, Benjamin Carlson, Bradley Carlson, Dallas Fritzinger, Clair Gamble, Jessica Hernandez, Jacob Klewin, John Loomer, Alesia Riley, Cassidy Timmerman, Ariana Torres;

Seniors: Teresa Baumgartner, Robert Benzon, Brooke Boss, Nicholas Duerig, Alisha Ford, Nathan Klade, Jaclyn Koenig, Tiffany Littlejohn, Jacob Logterman, Harsh Mehta, Leticia Rizo, Vanessa Rosales, Caleb Scott, Mary Sibilski, Jessica Walter, Emily Zaukas.


3 Pin 2015

Pin (18+ points)

Front row: Emily Zugay, 12; Ethan Price, 11, Megan Rupnik, 11; Aliyah Sanders, 11, Sarah Van Dan, 11; Vanessa Valadez-Olivaires, 11; Melonie Wright, 11; Back row: Cristina Bahaveolos, 11; William Brown, 11; Cole Castel, 11; Allison De Jong, 11; Danielle Mohr, 11; Joshua Pickel, 11; Gage Wuttke. 11.


Not pictured:

Juniors: Alexus Cuautle, Brody Cunningham, Katelyn Gonzalez, Nathan Johnson, Savana Lynn, Rodrigo Mendoza Jr., Aatmik Patel, Amber Reed, Rylee Reed, Racquelle Simons, Jennah Speth.

Seniors: Jesse Collins, Brenda Echeverria, Gabrielle Edwards, Randy Gauger, Miram Hernandez, Kyle Lefel, Bradley Schultz, Jaclyn Walter, Aaron Wojciechowski.


4 Plaque 2015

Plaque (24+ points)

Front row: Priya Patel, 12; Max Grover, 12; Amanda Lee, 12; Andrew Pierson, 12; Bebheann Conlin, 12; April Shaffer; Middle row: Anya Jeninga, 11; Mikayla Farley, 12; Alex Grover, 12; Jacob Sheff, 12; Sarah Hardwick, 12; Dana Truckenbrod; Back row: Helen Bourgeois, 12; Emily Breytung, 12; Justin Brown, 12; Tim Clark, 12; Katie Jones, 12; Adam Drefs, 12.


Not pictured:

Seniors: Cindy Crawford, Katherine Froncek, Macie Hill, Kyle Krueger, Alonzo Ortiz, Carter Schwartz, Samuel Seitz, Marguerite Sirkman, Mitchell Strom, Madison Stronach, Kalan Welch.

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