The Smell of Science: AP experiments at DDHS

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That funny smell coming from the science wing of Delavan-Darien High School might have been from the carbon “sugar worm.” Or maybe it was from the “burning money,” or the multiple squids being dissected.

Whatever it was, it sure smelled like science and learning today at DDHS.

Advanced Placement Chemistry, Biology and Physics students demonstrated more than a dozen different experiments for our district’s elementary school students during an “in-district field trip.”

The DDHS experts explained such advanced topics as sound waves, Newton’s laws, momentum, anatomy, cell structure and viruses, and much more. The younger visitors saw all kinds of experiments, from making liquids glow to making liquids grow. Balloons and bubbles exploded in fireballs. Ice cream was flash frozen and hands were submerged in “oobleck.”

Just another great day of learning in our Delavan-Darien schools!

(Also… for anyone who was worried, no money was actually burned. The ends of dollar bills that had been soaked in water were dipped in combustable materials, which were then lit and burned in different colors. The dollars themselves did not actually burn. )

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