VIDEO: Heroin Information Summit

Officials from Walworth and Waukesha counties held a Heroin Information Summit May 27, 2015, at Delavan-Darien High School.

Audience members heard from police and court officials, Health and Human Services staffers, attorneys, and individuals who have been directly affected by heroin use.

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Earlier in the day, DDHS and Phoenix Middle School eighth graders heard from many of those same officials about the dangers of heroin and other drugs during a school-wide assembly.

The video above is from the public evening session.

Some faces and names have been blurred to protect identities of law enforcement officials.

(*** EDITOR’S NOTE: DDHS was a host site for this event at the request of Walworth County Drug Treatment Court officials, who had hosted similar events at other county high schools in the recent past. Hosting the summit in our schools is not a reflection of elevated heroin use or other drug problems in our schools. Heroin is a dangerous drug that is becoming more prevalent throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and we were grateful to host an event that will help educate our students and the public so we can, together, help rid our communities of this and other drugs.) 


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