VIDEO: Turtle Creek is All About That Code

Turtle Creek Elementary School is “All About That (Comet) Code.”

Have a look at our lip-sync video that reminds all students to be All About That Code!

Comet Code at PhoenixThey’re great words to live by: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Learners!

The adapted lyrics to Meghan Trainor’s popular “All About That Bass” were penned by Turtle Creek classroom aide Kathy Sibilski, school psychologist Katie Grady and district communications coordinator Mike Heine. It was arranged sung by Lake Geneva House of Music’s Jen Clark.

Our Turtle Creek lip sync crew was known as Five Ways of Awesomeness and included fifth graders Alton Wimer, Josue Ortega, Estevan Colin, Antonio Rivera and Miguel Ocampo.


Because you know
I’m all about that code
‘Bout that code, no trouble
I’m all about that code
‘Bout that code, no trouble

I’m all about that code
‘Bout that code, no trouble
I’m all about that code
‘Bout that code code

Yeah, it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no mean kid
I know the Comet Code
Like I am supposed to
‘Cause I got that code down pat, no sad faces
Use all the right rules in all the school’s places

I see that bully there, teasing that kid a lot
You know that choice ain’t right
C’mon now, make it stop
If you got kindness in you, just raise it up
‘Cause every student here is perfect
From the bottom to the top

Well my teachers say comet cash will buy me a great prize
If I am respectful, safe, and responsible cash is mine
And it don’t really matter if I’m in or out of school
We will always be learners cuz learning is always cool


I’m bringing respect back
Go ahead and tell your friends and teachers
No I won’t get rude
But I’m here to tell ya, every inch of me is kindness from the bottom to the top

I know my problems are not solved using my feet or hands
I’ll be using my words so that things don’t get out of hand
I will listen to others and speak when it is my turn
And we will all do our personal best
When it’s time to learn


There may be times when a teacher or adult is not around
But I will still use the code and will make Turtle Creek feel proud
I will follow the rules inside and out like I know I should
When you follow the Creek Code
It’s real easy to feel good!


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