DDHS to start new awards night apart from graduation ceremony

Maggie Sirkman accepts the $10,000 Bohn Family Leadership Scholarship from Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bohn at the conclusion of the scholarship awards portion of the 2015 DDHS Graduation Ceremony.

DELAVAN — Delavan-Darien High School’s senior graduation ceremony will have a new companion after a lengthy portion of the year-end event was removed from the night’s lineup of activities.

The annual presentation of scholarships and other awards to selected students will be moved to a separate night to help put the focus of graduation back on all senior graduates, Superintendent Robert Crist said.

Both the Delavan-Darien Board of Education and the Delavan-Darien Foundation unanimously approved the move.

Robert Crist, Ed.D.

Superintendent Robert Crist, Ed.D.

“The receiving of a diploma and of scholarships are both very special for students,” Crist said. “But having both done on the same night almost made for two main highlights at one event. This move will make graduation about all the graduates and the accomplishments they’ve achieved to make it through four years of high school.”

The awards night event — scheduled this year for Sunday, June 5, in the DDHS Auditorium — will offer more time for scholarship donors share the history of their awards, and the opportunity for students to meet with donors personally. Graduation will be the evening of Thursday, June 9.

Students receiving an award will be invited to the awards night, with their family and friends, where they will find out what awards they are receiving from scholarship donors.

“I really see this as a win-win,” Crist said, noting that most other high schools have separate events. “When we had included scholarships, our past graduation ceremonies were nearly three hours long. That was not ideal nor was it comfortable for many in attendance, including many of the donors, students, elderly family members and young children who came to watch.

“I believe that by doing this our graduation event will be shortened significantly — to within an hour — giving families more time to celebrate with their students immediately following the ceremony.”

Award-winners and donors will still receive recognition at graduation by way of program inserts listing the scholarship awards. Both events will also be recorded and streamed live online, and included on DVDs made available to graduates following the end of the school year.

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  1. Rachel Catlett says:

    what a welcome change ! I think this will make all the difference in the world and not diminish the achievements of anyone. I just wish it had happened earlier. Our last , of 4, graduated last year!!!

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