Darien adopts Peaceful Playgrounds to add fun

PeacefulPlaygroundsRecess will be a lot more interesting and fun this year at Darien Elementary School.

The school adopted Peaceful Playgrounds, a program based upon the concept that several well-marked games provide increased motivation for children to enter into an activity and become engaged in purposeful play.  

The school playground was redesigned and includes colorful lines, shapes, and colors for games such as hopscotch, pickle, around the world, four square, various circles and squares, and number and letter grids.  

According to the students, recess is even more fun this year. They have been learning new games to play at recess thanks to instruction by Ms. Doreen Grams, the physical education teacher at Darien.  Classroom teachers have also been following up those lessons with their class so the students develop a firm understanding of the rules and games.

For most students having a lot of choices make a big difference.  No longer will children need to wait in long lines for a chance to play.  The numerous game markings shorten waiting time, decreases playground frustration, and thus, decreases confrontations.  

To learn more about the program, visit Darien Elementary School or the Peaceful Playgrounds website at www.peacefulplaygrounds.com

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