A conversation on Cultural, Socio-economic Diversity

Marc Perry, Community Action, Inc. Program Director

Marc Perry, Community Action, Inc. Program Director

When you have the rich cultural and socio-economic diversity as Delavan-Darien does, you stop and listen to conversations about the topic.

Community Action Program Director Marc Perry talked about his opinions with WCLO’s Tim Bremmel yesterday (Tuesday, Feb. 16) about the benefits of having cultural and socio-economic diversity in your community.

Have a listen to the podcast here: http://www.wclo.com/episode/21616-marc-perry-community-action/

Here’s a quote from Perry on diversity in a business setting. Think about how this can also apply to students in a classroom:

“When you have a room full of people who are making a decision and you have people from diverse backgrounds and diverse perspectives, you have people coming at problems with different solutions. If you have a homogeneous room and everyone is thinking the same way and has same background and has the same set of beliefs, they’re going to come at the solution the same way and it may not be the correct solution to the problem.

“Having that (diverse) richness in the room means you will have different perspectives and different ways of looking at something and it means that you can solve a problem form a lot of different angles.  When i think of diversity in that term, it’s about that richness of people’s backgrounds and experience and people bringing different perspectives to the table

“The other (positive) part of that (rich diversity) is everybody in room understanding and respecting those perspectives and also taking that next to try see through the other persons’ eyes to see what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling, what they’re talking about.”

Every day, students in Delavan-Darien have the wonderful opportunity to “look through the lens” of someone who may be different from them — different culture, different skin color, different primary language, different background and life experiences. It’s part of our school district culture.

As Perry said, it’s “all of those different qualities, values, and abilities coming into a space for good, for change, and for (making a) difference.”

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