Grant will support improving Phoenix M.S. climate

Phoenix Middle School staff will use a three-year, $10,000 grant to help continue to improve the school’s climate.

This isn’t money for the heating and cooling system though. This is a grant to keep the students and staff safe, and the school atmosphere positive.

The Wisconsin School Violence and Bullying Prevention Grant is administered through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

It will go toward funding curriculum and programs that look to build empathy and respect among students while giving students the tools to know what to do if they witness or are victims of bullying or violence, said Principal Hank Schmelz.

Principal Hank Schmelz

Principal Hank Schmelz

“We’re going to use the money that will help prevent violence and promote a safe environment for everyone,” Schmelz said.

This year, the school hosted a Courage Retreat for all seventh graders to help make them better school leaders.

The school will also broaden its “Second Step” homeroom program, which teaches kids the science behind emotions, positive behavior skills, how to be an advocate against bullying, and how to act if they see bullying occur.

“The beauty of that program is all teachers, every Monday and Friday in our homerooms, are teaching the same concepts at the same time while it using the same language,” Schmelz said. “That is really helping improve our school climate by keeping everyone on the same page.”

Student surveys support an improving climate at the Phoenix. On all five questions related to school violence and bullying, Phoenix Middle School out-performed state averages.

Have a look at the data below to see how the Phoenix climate compares with the state through the viewpoints of students.

Phoenix students report less bullying and violence, feeling safer than their peers around the state. And, fewer students feel bullying and violence is a problem at Phoenix vs. the state.

That is something we can all be #DDCometProud of!

Phoenix School Climate Survey – 2015

Student Responses: Phoenix State

% reported being bullied at school



% reported being physically bullied while at school



% who always feel safe at school

(always + most of the time + sometime)



%  who feel violence is a problem at school



% who feel bullying/harassment is a problem at school



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